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Calculating Banneker Continuum

Microfilm Festival #11- Banneker's Almanac

Immersive video installation exploring the dynamics of that polymath Benjamin Banneka

The 16th century Polymath Benjamin Banneker / Banneka, pursuits of the speculative potentialities of organisms and intelligences across various systems of knowledge seeking out, proposing and documentation of his findings in his almanac is bases for this installment of Microfilm Festival; Banneka’s Almanac & ephemeral .

The immersive installation runs videos on multiple screen simultaneously, while the second component , “ Live Soundtrack Scoring Session “ unfolds conducted by the Other Sounds of Philadelphia. Reimagining of What a 21st century almanac looks like. Ra’oof continues to extract from the format of Banneker’s Almanac for our times. Featuring Video by- Brian Bazemore Jeremy DePrisco Sherman Fleming Hprizm Leroy Johnson Nsenga Knight James Maurelle Jamele Ransom John Schlesinger, Tamara Suder & TR7 with live soundtrack scoring session By TR7’s The Other Sounds of Philadelphia featuring Jeremy DePrisco Mark Dilks Nate Totushek


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