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October 8th Art Happening

October 8th Art Happening @ Rotunda

Ra’oof Atelier presents

Video Almanac: Hieroglyphs Harvest

An exploration in conceptual possibilities as a shared framework for translating intersecting roles of human ecology, built environment & media.

TR7’s syncretic approach manifest through gestures in photography, videos, assemblages & installations in his refractive staged production of time based media.

TR7’s muse, polymath Benjamin Banneker pursuits of the scientific & speculative potentialities of organisms and intelligences across various systems of knowledge, questioning & documentations in his almanac is the inspiration for this art happening.

Included is a newly compiled collection entitled;

Fellowship Station 7,

TR7’s collaboratives works with….

Terry Adkins - United States Artist Fellow

Amy Franceschini - Guggenheim Fellow

George Lewis - MacArthur Fellow

Quentin Morris - Pew Fellow

John Schlesinger - Rome Prize Fellow

Jamaaladeen Tacuma - MacDowell Fellow

Raphael Xavier - Guggenheim Fellow

Also embedded in the exhibition are the 2Spiral Collective works by; Brian Bazemore, Sharon Chestnut, Mark Dilks & Hansom Ransom.

Audio frequencies provided by

The Other Sounds of Philadelphia: Sonic Sculpture Ensemble

featuring Pete Dennis - bass

Shakoor Hakeem - percussions

Hansom Ransom - activator

Shaun Walklrgshizz - orator

TR7 - activator, electronics, orator

Another Ra'oof Atelier / 2Spiral Art Happening 2023

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