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Monument For The Honeybees & Their Keepers

Ra’oof Atelier’s The latest art installation

Calculating Banneker: Apis Project-

Monument For The Honeybees & Their Keepers

Taji I Ra’oof Nahl aka TR7

in association with David Harrod & the Philadelphia Beekeepers Guild

mounts a site responsive installation on the grounds of Awbury Arboretum. As a work in progress, Ra’oof is developing new sculptures utilizing materials from the honeybees & beekeepers. Also Taji teamed up with John Schlesinger, in making works using honeycombs, a first for both artist.

As TR7’s creative research into the 18th century polymath Benjamin Banneker increases so does a wealth of resource materials. Banneker wrote & published his treatise on honeybees in his almanac circa 1790. This brings us to the Nahl’s new works at the apiary as “Artist in Residence “.

To view these new work & others by TR7 visit the Ra’oof Atelier ( house of compassion) website:

Or go to YouTube channel: Channel TR7

TR7 will be at the apiary 7am -10 am during the month of August. Call 215 866-8599 for specifics days


“And your Lord taught the Bee to build its cells in hills, on trees and in men’s habitations”

Sacred Quran -Sura Nahl 16 ,ayat 68

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